“Planet Earth” 2019

Whilst preparing this, I took into account symbolism which surrounds material usage. My goal was to draw the viewer’s attention to problem of present times we are facing. This is my form of manifestation against environmental devastation and a call for action to protect our Earth. I used natural materials, pebbles and cotton to emphasize their importance. Materials which came from nature. The open rhythmic form of sculpture is a combination of arrangements where stones covered in hand knitted fabric are symbolizing our care over Planet Earth being shielded from all of our threats and damages we are causing. Each single stone is a symbol of individual life that must be protected, while the arrangement of stones are a symbol of strength that lies within us to act. For me, working on this sculpture was a very individual and intimate experience. Focusing on each form of stone and covering it with cotton blankets as if I wanted to insulate each stone to bring it back to safety.

“Autumn Breeze” 2020

The minimalist tree forms created by me are only to draw the attention of the viewer that we never match the perfection of nature in its richness and sense of creation.
Here it shows a delicate sculptural form that symbolizes the arrangement of the abstract form of the tree where I focus on to protect our Earth there the most important for me was the opportunity to focus on the delicacy and meaning of the life form I touch.
I use here tin wire mesh modelling which I supplement with fiber art form. From the formal side, my interest in the line and texture that I continue in my artwork helped me to achieve the lightness and space depth of form in this sculpture.

“It is way of speaking” 2019

I created a sculptural form which consists of many separate small cubic forms. The open composition of the sculpture is built in the repetition of the rhythms of used paving stones. Each single element of the sculpture form represents an individual and unique form and each element of the cobblestones is covered with hand-formed knitwear. I decided to use a variety of cobblestone shapes as a symbol referring to our daily lives.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Bozena Kaluga

United Kingdom


Bozena Hanna Kaluga b.1960 in Poland. Having grown up in a family with artistic roots. Naturally, she was drawn to the power and beauty of nature. Bozena has always been fascinated by images and how the world is represented through the eyes of others. Master’s Degree in fiber art and sculpture 1985. The Academy of Art has distinguished her achievements by giving her two awards for her student achievements in art in 1984 and 1985.
As a multidisciplinary artist she explores the collaboration between line and texture using the abstract art.
Since 2001 she is living in UK. Bozena has exhibited internationally and won several prestigious awards. Kaluga’s work displays a deeply personal perception of abstract imagination and her abstract work captures a sense of timelessness.
Throughout the years of experimentation in different materials and techniques, her aim was to master and perfect mediums she uses. She tells stories which are a minimalist form but also a baroque form.

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