Guardian 2019

The project called Guardian consists of glass sculpture and drawing in the space of the exhibition A glass object is a type of body sculpture – treeguard divided into two parts. Its height is 220 cm, with a diameter – 50 cm – dimensions adapted to the body of the artist. The sculpture will mark the missing body interacting with 2 drawings – two circles with diameter – the height of the glass sculpture (220cm), the same in size and shape, but made in two different physical states – upright and lying down.

SeeN 2020

It is a "transparent" wall with the dimensions 360x220x3.5cm which transforms into a closed booth, where the viewer can meet and or shut himself up. This structure contains 1400 glasses of the glasses – 350 used glasses are mixed with another 1050 blank, unused glasses (glasses that are never used to see).

The second part of this project consists of the realization of several performative objects, body sculptures from the optical glasses used. By trying to see through these structures, the spectator will be subjected to an imbalance, to see a discomfort as well as physical as psychic.

Questioning the way we are used to seeing but also how we see ourselves. Through the eyes of others, accepting the risk of an initial imbalance that this will entail, the project aims to shake up the vision through inertia, to force us to seek others' point of view, other perspectives of seeing.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Boryana Petkova


Boryana Petkova (b 1985,Bulgarie) live and works in Paris, France. She is graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia and from ESAD Valenciennes, France.
She uses drawing, sculpture, performance, to explore notions of constraint, control, limits and desires. She uses her own body as a tool and as a measure. The human body is at the center of his work.
Co-winner of the Contemporary Art Biennale in Mulhouse (France), she also received the Pierre David-Weill drawing prize from the French Academy. In 2020 she is nominated for Baza contemporary art prize. His work has been shown in differents institutions – Musée National Andrien Dubouché, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Mulhouse, – FRAC Limousin France in the exhibition L'arbre de Darwin, FRAC Amiens, or at the Contemporary space in Varna and galleries in France, Bulgaria, Germany, Belgium, Casablanca, Ukraine and Seoul.

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