Entourage I 2019

This project is a collaboration with the creative designer It Spain. We made a reasearch to explore the possibilities of different techniques that usually are used in videos but applied to still images. The cloths were selected to make a mix between classical Chinese fabrics with modern elements like plastic or insectoid designs. Also, we set the idea of a hierarchy with differents outlooks, like a royal family, that's why the name of the entire project was called Entourage.

Horizon 2019

Horizon is a fashion film made in collaboration with the emerging Spanish designer Euphemio Fernández. The designs are from three different collections: “Manifesto” (manifest), “Los Amantes” (lovers) and “Los Odiosos”(the odious). The themes that are treated are death, love and hatred as the engine of human relationships in all its breadth. I have called the editorial "Horizon" in relation to the Time as the limit of the human being for such concepts, creating a diluted and contrasted image, in such a way that photography visually responds to a feeling of limits, with only one possible way: the horizon, where after death there is only darkness and ignorance.

Nous 2019

Nous is an approach to merge fashion photography with 3D environments. The possibility offered by these fields has a potential that is beginning to be exploited, since the possibilities of the image are multiplied both creatively and technically. (I changed the image but the preview stills as the other image from another project I put before, hope you can watch the correct image).

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Boris Edrosa



Boris Edrosa González (Visp Valais, Switzerland. 1992): is a Spanish image maker based in Madrid who is attracted to fashion as a creative vehicle where different disciplines and techniques can be combined (film, virtual animation, 3D).
Since childhood he was inclined to arts, developing drawing, painting and music skills. Later, curiosity brought him closer to the world of science and philosophy, which are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. He began studying Fine Arts at UCM (Complutense University of Madrid), but finally ended up studying Official Degree of Photography in TAI School (URJC, Rey Juan Carlos University. Madrid, Spain) being part of the first national promotion that finished that kind of studies. His research on the image continually leads him to seek new resources, skills and programs, avoiding the statism of being in a single field of realization. This has led him to participate in several works such as videoclips or performing pieces.

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