Immeasurable Range Movie 2020

Humans have always relied on tools to enforce knowledge and shape surroundings. The measurements function as the fundamental standardising concept of human production and life in terms of uniformity and efficiency. However, this useful and powerful unification can also feel as a prison, a rigid mindset, that privileges rational rules and hardly allows for imagination and feeling.

The movie responds to the emotional pressure below the pandemic social measures. By stretching the law of physics, it demonstrates a series of elastic measuring tools that expands the measuring range by including personal interoperation. It captures the gap between what the measuring tools tell us and how we actually feel. The story questions our rigid understanding and encourages our elastic instincts to embrace the fluidity of the world.

Immeasurable Ranges (Sculpture) 2020

We are insecure and anxious when our lives are influenced by shifting rules. By hacking four measuring tools, Boey questions the rigid standards that we all tend to follow, even though they confine us and rule out subjectivity. ‘Immeasurable Range’ stretches the laws of physics and introduces a more elastic approach. In this educational kit you’ll find a rubber ruler that addresses social distancing and extends as emotional tension rises, and a 3D triangular ruler that offers reflective perspectives. There is also a drawing compass with a brush at the end that emphasises fluidity, and a flexible bubble level suggesting that relative flatness might be curved. In dealing with the uncertainty and fluidity with a responsive guideline, a measurement with an adoptive range might be an alternative perspective of understanding reality with a flexible view.

Haptics of Cooking 2020

Haptic of Cooking is a series of blind kitchen tools designed by the experience of touch. Only from the perspective of sight, these tools might seem unusable. However, it is an inventive approach to improve the independence of blind life from a sensational inclusive perspective. The monopoly of vision is questioned through its absence and the tools bring to light that "seeing" is not only visual. It introduces a new understanding of functionality and aesthetic through haptic sense.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Boey Wang


Boey (Bo) Wang is a Chinese designer based in the Netherlands. A recent graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven, he has a background of comics making and UX design and graphic design.

His work aims to reframe conventional perceptions of reality. His design methodology encourages changing attitudes as an alternative solution. He believes that design can bring us back to the state where we were connected to the world without the rigid frameworks of thinking. Adopting a storytelling approach to value daily objects, we can reframe our relationship to these essential and overlooked aspects of life. Objects and people can be honest; it would create a culture ready to face unpredictable reality with open eyes and hearts. That’s where his passion and hope in design lay.

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