In Session Carnivorous Plant Choir. 2018

I like to portray the over looked and ignored life forms that exist around us. I put them in unusual settings to grab the viewers attention and draw them in. In this painting various species of pitcher plants are singing around a microphone an opulent room.


Find the Golden Toad. 2015

This is an extension of a series called “life Under the Halogen”. In a gallery type setting three heads poke through a wall illuminated by halogen lights. On each of the heads is a plastic cup. In each cup except for the middle one are frogs. The name tags below read from left to right. #1 “Red Eyed Tree Frog” Price: inquire #2 “Golden Toad” Price: Priceless (because of extinction in the 1980’s) #3″Blue Poison Frog” Price: Best offer This is a two sided painting that can be hung back to back or separately. Please refer to my website to see the other side.


Ambition. 2017

In this painting a Red Eyed Tree Frog jumps through a pane of glass. This is a tribute to all my musician/artist friends who continue to create in spite of the difficulties and barriers in the current arts atmosphere. Ambition has no boundaries. .

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Bob Tunnoch


Bob ‘Omar’ Tunnoch is a visual artist and musician who views the natural world as a constant source of inspiration. In his art, his vibrant use of colors, attention to detail and thought-provoking subject matter constantly leave viewers questioning his motives. As a member of the Society of Canadian Artists, Ontario Society of Artists, Federation of Canadian Artists, and more, his paintings can be found in collections across North America. Notably, in 2013 he was featured in the ‘International Contemporary Artists’ publication. Similar to his art, his provocative, Juno award-winning song writing, and unusual approach on the electric bass have made him known in the industry. Both his musical and visual creations leave his audience in anticipation.

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