The Last Supper, Conflict of Interest 2019

A mottled owl flies in from one direction and a frog eating bat flies in from another. They’re object of interest is a red eyed tree frog on a hercules beetle suspended on a string stretched across the picture. For one of them it will be their “last supper.” A painting of the last supper is on the wall behind them. There are no disciples present just Jesus. Most organized religions don’t care about nature or ecology. Since the church does not believe in evolution, nature does not register and is not acknowledged. Hence the “Conflict of Interest.”

Knocking on Heavens Door 2019

In a spring like setting a tree stump is carved into the head of Jesus, with a pileated woodpecker knocking on the side. “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” exemplifies how religion and nature can co-exist in a recognized, symbiotic relationship.

Doors of Perception, Going Down 2020

In an opulant art deco foyer, elevator doors open to reveal ancient steps that lead to the unknown – anyone’s imagination or interpretation, whatever that may be.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Bob Tunnoch


Musician/Songwriter/Visual Artist Bob ‘Omar’ Tunnoch was born in Ottawa in 1953. The natural world has been his life-long passion and is a constant source of inspiration for him.

As a member of the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA), Ontario Society of Artists (OSA), the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA), and many more, his paintings can be found in private and corporate collections across North America. Bob, or ‘Omar’ as his friends like to call him, was a featured artist in the 2013 publication of ‘International Contemporary Artists’. His use of vibrant colors, attention to detail and thought-provoking subject matter consistently leaves the viewer questioning his motives.

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