Tulum 2020

Acrylic and Oilstick on Refrigerator Doors ( Diptych )
60″ 1/2 x 28″x4″ in.

This piece was created after my travel with a humanitarian organization – One World Center as we ventured halfway across Mexico on a bicycle expedition. The mission was to create a preliminary climate change research in volunteer with two other individuals. I must say this adventure let me absorb more of my native culture and understand myself through my art.

Existentialismo 2019

Acrylic and Oilstick on Salvaged paper/ Timber
32″ x 48″x 2.25″ in.

Gukumatz 2019

Acrylic/Oilstick on canvas and Bamboo Frame
26″ x 48″ 3.75″ in.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Bismark Rex



An interdisciplinary artist merging painting, sculpture and
architecture studies through the breaking down of boundaries of
what is considered a work of art. This is expressed in an intuitive
creative process through the use of discarded mundane objects and
salvaged materials, being guided by what an environment can reveal
when one knows how to seek. A vital recurring theme in his works is
a deep-rooted quest for identity, having dual nationality between
Mexico and the US and experiencing both cultures existentially.
Inherent with a native instinct to push the limits and finding a sense
of freedom, his artworks embody that of a neo-shaman wandering
through the simulacra of buildings, paved ground, lush forests and
serpentine bayous in our paradoxical landscapes of the metropolis.
Throughout his travels and experiences he also illustrates a
reference to ancestral wisdom through Mexica folklore, thus
revealing our lost connection to nature.

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