Castration Hesitation 2020

Father Mark feels plagued with lustful thoughts for a parishioner. Here I paint his guilt-ridden psyche, where he abstracts these musings and tries to transcend earthly longings. In this moment Father Mark’s psyche teeters between a musing on a forbidden sensual union and a fog of shame. The paintings explore a particular merging of figuration and abstraction ripe with drama. Thus, in this theatre-like production the viewer and I enter a space where private, vulnerable moments are both revealed and obscured.

The Kiss 2020

After the Fall 2020

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Billy Deitz

United States

William Rerick is an artist who works primarily in painting and drawing. His work meditates on the ways the body yearns for, resists, and struggles for connection. In this regard he revisits his experiences in the Catholic Church, personal relationships, and heterosocial spaces. In 2016 he received his BFA in visual arts from the University of North Dakota, and earned his MFA in studio arts at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Throughout his schooling he has taken an active role in the community by painting murals, private tutoring, and working with the local arts organizations. Rerick has been part of various group exhibitions: the North Dakota Museum of Art, The Ewing Gallery at the University of Tennessee, Sugar Gallery in Arkansas, Bascom Center for the Arts in North Carolina, Foley Gallery in New York, ZG gallery in Chicago, and the University of North Carolina-Asheville. Currently he lives and works in San Antonio Texas.

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