TROP TARD (70 x 90 cm – 2019): It expresses an important question: is it too late to take care of people? Behind the question there is the hope that human society is not disinterested in others and that the problems of every single person can be solved. Every person is special. I used Photoshop with the brush tool on a pink background. 


JE ME FOUS DU PASSE' ( 70 x 90 cm – 2019): It is an invitation to live the present tu create a better future. I used Photoshop with the brush tool.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Bianca Mancin


My name is Bianca Mancin, I'm 22 years old and I live in Turin, Italy.
I graduated from Albertina Academy of Fine Arts and now I'm attending a visual art master.
I deal with graphic design, photography, typography.
I have shown my artist projects in several exhibition:
– Neapolis. New city, new arts (Treccani headquarters – Naples dec. 2019)
– On/No hope (Albertina Academy – Turin may 2018)
– Graphic portraits (Fuori servizio – Turin jan 2017)
– Rock portraits 2 (Rat bar & art – Turin jul 2016)
– Bauhaus 1919-1979 artist book (Piedmont regional council – Turin may 2016)
– Posterheoes 5 (Expo – Milan may-june 2015)
– Rock portraits (Astoria basement – Turin apr 2015)

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