Domestic Landscapes, Antonivka #1, 16/9/2011 12.10 Ukraine. 1996/2011

An attempt to reconstruct the atmosphere and memory of my youth by photographing the interiors of others in which I find back the light and feeling from the past.
As a result of loosing my place of birth at the age of 8, it became a kind of obsession looking for that particular feeling which brought me to 25 different countries in Europe and resulting in an archive of almost 800 images.


On The Road – FL-008-1A. 2015

-On The Road-

The road
It brings me to my destination and away from home
It is both the bridge and the barrier between me and my destiny
It is inviting and defiant at the same time
It is in front of me and behind me
It can be smooth and it can be rough
It is the vein of my world
When I’m on it I’m on track
I follow it to its source where I will find my treasure
And then it will bring me back home again


DAZZLE – FL-003-13. 2014

Inspired by Ricardo Cases (Spanish Recipe in’The Photographer’s Playbook’) I made two walks when I was in London (July 2014) and in New York (September 2014) and focussed on body language and fashion patterns; stripes in London and polka dots in New York.
Shot from the hip with a half-frame Olympus Pen on b&w film. Title of the book is -DAZZLE- which will be launched September 8 2018.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Bert Teunissen


Bert is best known for his extensive European photo project ‘Domestic Landscapes’ in which the natural daylight in the interior leads him back to the memories of his childhood (published by Aperture in 2007). In a series of publications in cooperation with designer and publisher Hans Gremmen of Fw:Books, Bert is exploring the power of story telling by concentrating on sequences and series of single subjects from everyday situations. Suggestion through image rhyme is what best describes the way the stories are composed. At the same time the boundaries in analog photography are being pushed by using long expired photographic papers that have been collected from all over the world. The sometimes whimsical results add to the perception of the viewer and help dragging him into the story.

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