Teapot 2019

In the Turkish tradition, the phrase “You have a place on my head” is used as a representation of tolerance in the language. I observe that a discourse that defines the places of womanhood takes place in the process of implementation. The guest person’s interlocutor comes across as a biological female individual who must fulfill her burdened responsibilities. I started a series of photographs that took its name from here and examined this process directly. I call it the “You’ve got a place on my head series”; within the roles of everyday life, it forms the general lines of dealing with the limitation under the object of everyday life and the transformation into an object.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Berk Kır




I’m Berk. I was born in Istanbul and I live here. I’m 23. As well as being an art historian, I am interested in photography and the boundaries of photography. My work has previously been discovered and featured by institutions such as Vogue Italia Online, National Geographic Your Shot, Samsung Turkey, Apple. For me, photography means other faces that I’ve created my own self-portrait.

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