I Never Told Anyone 2016

I Never told Anyone explores the status of women.
These seven images represent the women in my family that have been oppressed and objectified by a male dominated society, at a time when personal honour was of great significance to men. Balancing between fact and fiction, I re-create gloomy and melancholic scenes, revealing stories of my family’s troubled past.
Shot in Binche, the town of my family faced such maltreatment, I revisit my family’s history, as to finally serve justice to my persecuted ancestors.
Binche is a small town in southern Belgium steeped in Northern European folklore.
In ancient mythology the woman has no voice. Excluded from the ritual she is reduced to a sexual and mysterious object. This is where the two stories intersect: personal (the family story) and the wider discourse (myths and folklore).
The characters represented are all from Binche and the majority of them are part of my family.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Benedicte Vanderreydt



Bénédicte Vanderreydt is a Belgian photographer graduated from IHECS in Brussels and then from the drama school Gratacos in Barcelona, she eventually deepened her knowledge in photography at Gobelins School in Paris.
Bénédicte won the 2016 GRAND PRIX WINNER of Tokyo International Photography Competition. Her work has been exhibited widely with her most recent exhibitions being BACKLIGHT PHOTO FESTIVAL in Finland, GRAND PRIX FOTOFESTIWAL in Poland, CCHA & MODEMUSEUM in Belgium, HOME in Barcelona, UNITED PHOTO INDUSTRIES in New York, LAGOSPHOTO in Nigeria.
Her work, film and photographs, is part of the collections of MUSÉE DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE in Belgium, BNF in Paris and Lyman Allyn Museum, U.S.A.

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