Entretejidas 2021

In this work I want to reflect how the heteronormative patriarchy constructs the gender identity of women in a society that immobilizes us by imposing from the cradle labels, roles and patterns that we must fulfill.

The cube contains the historical, economic, political and social context. The golden color evokes the economic power and the superficiality of a system that treats us as objects in the hands of capital and decides how we should be. The thread as narrator and sole constructor of our life. A story irremediably conditioned by our environment. Red represents the global inheritance that turns us into objects of consumption and exploitation from which we cannot free ourselves. I use the color with all its symbolic load the feminine, love, sexuality, passion, desire, intensity but also danger and caution.

The scissors, giving a halo of hope to the work. Unattainable but present.

Exit 2021

The collection talks about how women have to fight to get out of the system that traps them. It is a portrait of our current society and the path that women, like so many other discriminated groups, have started. A struggle that has no turning back despite the desperate attempt of the system to keep us under its yoke. The decision to change the world around us lies in us. This is a large format painting with a bust of a woman. It will be a series of five works of five different colors to which conceptual nuances will be linked.

Vidas atrapadas 2021

A huge wall made of cubes and red threads in the center of the room. The light reflects the huge mass on the wall and the projection of the shadows amplifies the visual impact on the viewer. The viewer can go around the wall, but will inevitably be caught in the shadows it casts.

In this installation I talk about how every life is conditioned by our environment and how we are trapped in it. We are slaves of a society that immobilizes us by imposing labels, roles and patterns that we must fulfill from the cradle.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Bel Mur



Bel Mur (Barcelona, 1969) has a degree in sculpture from the Llotja School of Arts in Barcelona and in mural painting from the Massana School. She also has training in engraving, photography, painting, ceramics and 3D modeling. Her work portrays society, a corporatist and heteropatriarchal society, and after a long life in which she fulfilled all the stereotypes that society expected of a woman: servility, obedience, care… and tired of seeking approval from others, she disconnects and decides to dedicate herself fully to her artistic career. Each one of her pieces aspires to touch consciences, move and excite. The central element, the woman. Her works have been exhibited at the Fundació Vila Casas, the Fundació Antoni Tàpies and the Espai Francesca Bonnemaison, among others. Private collections in Asia, America and Europe spread the sensibility of Bel Mur's work all over the world.

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