The Dress. 2017

This work translate the cotton slave workers, but at some moments they were proud enough to dress op on sunday apart from the chains.
The work is bild up on japans papier on canvas.


The book. 2017

in a world of multimedia and a lot of stimulating lessons that come to mind, silence in nature is very rare.
The person is one with his words.


the dress II . 2017

build op on japanse papier, nature en cotton are one in this work.
cotton of the dress, and a cotton worker .

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Beiron Brouwers


Beiron Brouwers Social Media confronts us with the darker side of human kind, as hundreds of those shots are projected daily into our eyes, images riddled with the physical and emotional wounds of ‘others’, people who are made homeless in body or soul, desperately trying to find somewhere safe to belong.
 As a visual-sensitive person Beiron Brouwers takes all these images in, senses his way through certain emotions, and translates its essence on canvas.   He senses the harshness of reality, and through lived experience, has learned to tap into a brighter side, despite all else.  We as an audience can find inspiration in this resilient way of turning harsh reality into something bearable and even beautiful, in every single painting.
 If we look at Beiron Brouwers’ (Bergen-op- Zoom, 1972) w

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