BARBARA CRAWFORD Site Specific Installations 2021

This short video presents an introduction to the variety of installations, both interior and exterior, relating to community and the environment.

COR UNUM: Hopkins Green Park, Lexington, Va 2020

This installation consisted of Mylar painted and cut into triangles that were arranged in a spiral. They were attached in such a way that they were not rigid but “fluttered” in the wind. This was symbolic of our reacting to community and environment. At the end of the exhibition children were allowed to take them home

THE RIVER, University of Virginia Hospital 2021

The installation, for the new 250 million dollar hospital at the University of Virginia medical and research center was a tribute to the medical staff during Covid. It covered two floors of the atrium and was in three parts. THE RIVER, 15 feet by 16 feet, THE FOREST, 8 feet by 14 feet, THE MOUNTAINS, 3 feet by 12 feet and THE SKY, 3 feet by 9 feet were Mylar that I painted, cut assembled and installed. The theme was to be healing.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Barbara Crawford

United States


Previously I made traditional landscape painting as surrealistic icons and metaphorical images of time. My first installation, TORN-ADO, in 2016, was about surviving disasters. Since then my installations have been about relationships within community and the environment: COR UNUM for the Palazzo in the Commune of Spello (PG), spontaneous street installations in Venice, and at the Cite International des Arts, Paris, focusing on the homeless sleeping outside each night. In 2021, for the new 250 million dollar hospital at the University of Virginia, installation to honor the medical staff during Covid. Following the 2018 trip to the High Arctic was an installation/exhibition for the Museum of St Francis, Montefalco (PG) and am curator for WOMEN ARTISTS IN THE ARCTIC, for the Espace des Femmes, Paris, this June. I was Cy Twombly’s assistant for his The Ceiling at the Louvre. My CV notes degrees, awards, publications and residencies

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