Gnawa 2020

A scene of the gnawa ritual.
Acrylic on canvas

Abdelkarim elkhattabi 2020

The courageous moroccan hero
Acrylic on canvas

AQDAS – Revelation 2020

The official artist statement of one of the close painting to my heart: my mother.
Done with a lot of love and poetry.

Acrylic on canvas

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Badreddine Jebari



AQDAS is a contemporary artist born in 1984, lives and works in Rabat, Morocco.
The basis of his artistic creations is rooted in his approach that recommends the development of new processes, he researched in all the techniques and appropriated them into his own process. from painting to videography to poetry and music, he defines his style as a contemporary art, with an interpretation reflecting his caracter. His distinctive style, emerging from the feeling of the lost, the lost of his mother, enables him to strikingly unleash immediate deep abstract power while the observer is able to see a figurative part of the creation. His ability to create artwork with great dynamic, explosive energy, he explained in a very simple way: I feel a comfort after every painting session because i release something deep down inside me. It was his first contact with sketches that made him realise that working furiously gave him comfort and felt better, also gave his work more dynamic.

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