A Moon 2020

Night is always the right time for us to be alone after a day's activities. immersed in a silent night we can reflect on the happiness, sadness, achievements and mistakes we made in one day. closing our eyes and calming the mind while listening to the voice of our heart or the sound around us makes us drown and eventually weary into sleep. and sleep at night to cover the activities we do.

Loy Krathong Fest 2020

In Thailand there is a Festival who took place every year in a time to flies a lantern through the sky it called " Loy Krathong". This festival means that we have our hopes and wishes for those year and hope our wishes will come true.

Story of Papua 2021

Papua is one of the rich lands in Indonesia, abundant natural resources, but unfortunately limited technological progress, difficult access and unbalanced community welfare make the Papuan people feel like they were colonized on their own land. women who are often treated unfairly and the government is like turning a blind eye to make the situation in Papua even worse.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Ayu Dian Pamungkas



Hello, I am Dian or you can call me Daiyen. A 25th years old woman who likes to explore something relatable with art. Focusing her artwork in the terms of talk about condition that are really happened, and has a deep meaning. Sometimes her artwork inspired by a photo, daily life, or beautiful landscape that will make people feel comfortable. She does some artwork to release her emotions and find it's the best way to figure how to manage from a tiring section in human life.

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