Surface I 2016

Surface I is inspired by a short story “Esimese lume linnud” by Jaak Tomberg from the series “Faddei Bulgarini kümme soont” that discusses the need to experience death or the fear of death to feel alive. The title of the work refers to trying to find a balance between two parallel spaces. Between the physical presence and a comfort zone in author’s mind is very thin, elusive border – according to this, Vellesalu hovers between the two worlds in her installation, reminding the presence of herself and the surrounding. The installation is made by placing a video projection of the artist underwater into a naturally formed water puddle in an abandoned building.

Surface II 2017

Surface II is a continuation of Surface I. In the second part the focus goes on the surface itself that lies between the inner and outer world. The surface symbolizes a third room which is the space in mind for analysing and thinking about different experiences that have come from the two parallel worlds.

Horizon 2017

Through this work the artist seeks for another layer behind the physical world seen in every day life. When entering the room the public could see a projection of a forest behind real trees hanging from the ceiling. By passing the trees, a hole with a horizon showing appears in the forest.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Ave Vellesalu


Ave Vellesalu is a contemporary artist based in Tallinn, Estonia. Her works are mostly room installations focused on manipulating natural materials with their placements or occasional movements in the surroundings.
Ave Vellesalu has studied photography and new media in the Estonian Academy of Arts and sound art in the Finnish Academy of Arts. She has won the Young Artist Prize 2017 in the Estonian Academy of Arts.
The artist is also a member of the experimental music duo VERA VICE which she cofounded with Helen Västrik in 2018. In their first active year the duo has been giving performances in Estonia, Sweden and Russia.

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