Terre Verte (Green Earth) 2021

Pigmented sculpture where folds and reliefs unfold in space and reveal the force of nature and its presence.

Terre Brûlée (Burnt Earth) 2021

Those three pieces are alike three rocks each slowly turning in a different color and slowly burning.

Terre Béante (Gaping Earth) 2021

The earth is tearing. In this work the apparent grid is perforated and the mesh of its skeleton is worked with more or less density to draft a skin.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Aude Borromee



First I was a horse rider competitor and then I studied marketing and strategy and went to the United-States to finish my studies and work in a company.
After five years in various jobs in the USA and in France I began studying architecture at the school of Paris la Villette. Architect on my own my projects and interior fittings were located at the border between architecture, scenography and artistic installations and were already designed as paintings in volume.
As of 2014, the pictorial and sculptural dimension has asserted and my practice as an artist is part of the continuity of my architectural achievements. A job where I find more meaning whether it is in relation to myself, during the creative process and especially in the relationships to others which is more distant but stronger. In my works I propose an interface that physically connects creator and spectator. I create unconventional spaces that give body to our environment and strengthen the feeling of being alive.

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