Ancestral Rituals and Simultaneous Lives 2021

The work centers around the statue. It's an epoxy statue that recalls a relict resurfaced, perhaps a ritual object. The body is filled with objects that relate to the theme of health: Zeus's eye – which was given to me by my aunt the day I was born, to keep me safe from all evil, fishes (a symbol of health used in the 'haft sin', for the Nowruz celebration), tumeric – which my Persian father always told me is the cure to all illnesses, turquoise (an amulet against evil eyes in the Iranian culture), and a bottle of Aegean water, which my mother always says is all that's good in this world.
Underneath the body I put a symbolic number of eggs, all the eggs that amenorrhea stole from me in the 5 years I've suffered from it and that I'm symbolically taking back.

I am an adult – Childhood dreams 2021

I am an adult – childhood dreams, is a mixed media work (acrylic, gouache, charcoal, oil pastels, embroidery, …) On bedsheet.
My work has always centered around a desperate need to reconstruct a primordial relationship with objects, where an object is sacre just because it exists – and it doesn't need to serve a purpose or use. In our childhood we can find something similar: the transitional object.
This work represents all those anxieties and fears that have followed me since childhood: all the emotions that I might use to reconnect with a primordial state of being.

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Athina Mehry Saraji


Athina Mehry Saraji was born in Venice, Italy, on the 10th of January 2001 from a Greek mother and Iranian father.

From a young age she showed a disposition towards artistic expression in its various forms – literature, music, figurative arts – yet embarked in Classical studies to embrace and grow her knolwledge of her cultural backgorund and history.

After having graduated with honors she enrolled in Bologna Fine Arts Academy to pursue her calling for figurative arts

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