Cain's Heritage 2021

Book made of mixed media for my degree thesis about Cain. The screenshot taken from some of it's pages clearly says "I REBEL".

Il sorriso di Anna (Anna's smile) 2019

Don't you dare make this place domestic 2018

I danced in Switzerland 240 pavillion at Venice Biennale 2018, without any permission. My feet were burning and I needed to dance to feel that it was real. Dancing barefoot made that aseptic place more like home, a real home.

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Atèa Gjergjevica


My name is Atèa, I was born in Albania but I moved to Italy when I was four. My name comes from the name of the Greek goddes Athena, my sister chosed it for me. In Italian the word "atea" means without God and I find it hilarious, it wasn't meant to sound like that.
‌I'm23 years old, almost 24, and I studied visual arts at IUAV university of Venice. Now I find myself in trouble because I absolutely need to express myself through art and I feel like it's time to create something real.

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