Drawing with wind 2020

“Drawing with wind” is a collaboration project between artist Hua Zhang and Ashley Yuqi Zhang. The machine detects winds speed and direction, feeding fluctuant weather data into a robotic drawing board that moves, rotates and wiggles based in the live data. The artist attempts to co-operate with the apparatus, making marks on the unstable surface and turning the invisible feeling of wind into abstract drawings.

Spitting In Time 2019

By performing the at of spitting melted chocolate just before the moment of disappearance, the work explores the relationship between order and chaos, questions how the form and meaning of an object changes in time and space. The transition of an object from one place to another can change its meaning, and relatedly our state of knowledge and perception. There is no right or wrong time to spit, everything is just in time. When the chocolates have been spat out, they become unpredictable forms, without their original meaning and purpose.

Spat Thing 2019

49 bronze cast of spat out chocolate melted in the mouth.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Ashley Yuqi Zhang

United Kingdom


Ashley Yuqi Zhang’s work consists of everyday objects, edible materials and familiar behaviours to provide its audiences a moment to perceive meaning and self-realisation through the experience of their viewing. Working with sculpture, performance, video and installation, she is interested in confounding the expected notion of our common sense. The adjustment of objects and behaviours in her work often acts as a source of surprise and absurdity, plays with people’s anticipation, provoking curiosity and doubting what we see and what we know. By applying time-based qualities and multi-sensory elements in her work, Zhang reflects the nature of ‘change’ and questions the meaning of ‘now’.

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