Fountain of paradise 2021

Ceramic vase , inspried from old turkic alphabet Orhun inscriptions, i used the turkish blue: turquoise.

Beaded chintemani 2021

The chintemani, (three balls and two stripes), is one of the best known of Ottoman motifs, i tried to use liquid clay for the motifs
H: 30cm

Kandinsky Effect 2021

I used geomecric shapes with the traditional motifs and colors in my style

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Arzu Arslan



Tradi-contemporary ceramic artist from Turkey, who had quited her finance career to reach her dreams.
Honorable Mention – 2nd “Solo Exhibition&Group Exhibition" Online Art Competition, 27th January 2021, Albe Art Gallery, United Arab Emirates
Attended to online exhibition Nef-es (breath) 5th January–17th February 2021, Akeramos Art Gallery, Bursa, Turkey
Attended to online exhibition Open Minded 15Th November 2020, represented by Albe Art Gallery (United Arab Emirates)
Finalist in The Brick Lane Gallery London opencall for artists, selected from 40,7K artists all around the world (5th october 2020)
Attended to the PortArt &TEV (Turkish Education Foundation)auction project, for the health workers
Attended ArtAnkara 6th Art Fair , sponsored by Ankara Life Mag(12-15 March 2020)-Ankara
Attended ArtAnkara 6th Art Fair,represented by Boho Art Gallery (12-15 March 2020)
Attended her first group exhibition in Boho Art Gallery- Ankara (29th Feb-6th March 2020)

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