Zurückbleiben bitte! 2019

In my class Berlin: Responding to the City taught by my professor Louis Cameron we were given an assignment to make something out of footage we shot on the S-Bahn. I decided to create a piece which is a techno composition with experimental influences to portray a surreal experience of riding the S-Bahn. The sounds of the S-Bahn were used as well and incorporated within the piece. I decided to keep the sounds of the S-Bahn completely raw and that is why the film is also shot in a raw nature. I wanted to show that the very everyday sounds we hear in our daily lives could show the disintegration of time within our perceived reality and how over time it keeps disintegrating until it no longer exists or loses touch (this is reflected through the composition by the loss of structure, messiness, etc).

Directed and Edited by: Aryana Arian
Composition by: Aryana Arian

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Aryana Arian



I am Aryana Arian, a student of Art and Aesthetics in Berlin. I studied Musical Composition and Neuroscience at Bennington College in Vermont in the United States for 2 years and now I am currently studying at Bard College Berlin where I am doing Art and Aesthetics. I come from a complicated background where my nationality is Iranian but I have lived and grown in 7 countries. This has enabled me to have a deep understanding of multiculturalism and the idea of societies which I then put into my work. My transition from looking at the relationship between music and the brain to the world of art has been a major influence in my work. I tend to get led by sound entirely and my artistic decisions are deciding by the upper hand which is my musical compositions. I am mostly interested in the way human beings could use sound to perceive their natural surroundings and how sound and music can enlighten and widen our grasp on our own realities.

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