Diptychon 20200502 and 20200501 2020

Acrylic lack on found burlap. Approx. 195 x 70 cm

20200301 Webmuster 2020

Repeating triangles of burlap. Approximately 30 x 30 cm

20200301 2020

Acrylic lack on found burlap. 100 x 85 cm

In my current body of work, I explore and experiment with different grounds to present my concrete and rational series of works. The question that arises is: What lies behind these rhythmic geometric patterns? In my present series, the repeating patterns bring the packaging materials I use (here used sackcloth or burlap), to life again. Each of these sack cloths have a story to tell. Like me, they too have travelled many thousands of kilometres, till they reached me in my atelier. The burlap, which is normally disposed of, after its long sea route, is designed with a very earthy, limited colour palette. The individual luminous stripes give the work a contemporary urban feel, urbanity being very much a part of this journey. The reduced colour tones allow the material to “speak” with its own voice: holes and prints on the material, tell the story of their voyage. While the bright luminous colours break the harmony of the reduced palette and enhance the dynamics of the diagonals, which is again intended to be in sharp contrast to the earthy tones of the sack cloth almost devoid of colour, they are neither cacophonical nor discordant. They are present, just like the other print marks on the sack cloth. The burlap assimilates it all to make it a whole. In addition, all my lines are stringent, dividing and yet, unifying the spaces that are created, sometimes outside of the canvas.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Aruna Samivelu



Born in Coimbatore, India 1964
Master of Fine Arts (Painting) at the Akademie für Malerei in Berlin
​Lives and works in Berlin


2020 – Exhibition with Johannes von Stumm, ausserhalb-innerhalb, Galerie ROOT, Berlin.
2020 – Contemporaray Art Ruhr, Essen with Galerie ROOT, Berlin
2020 – Online Event 48h Neukölln
​2020 – Galerie Root Group Show
2019 – Jahresgabenfest of the Karl Hofer Gesellschaft
2019 – Public Presentation of works at the Akademie für Malerei, Berlin
2019 – Group Show Poka Yoke II, Cholamandal Artists’ Village, Chennai, India
2017 – Public presentation of works at the Akademie für Malerei, Berlin
​2016 – Group show, Akademie für Malerei, Berlin
2016 – Aviskar, Kolkata India; curated by Dr. Manas Roy
2015 – Group exhibition “Rund”, Berlin; at Kunstraum F200 curated by Peter Lindenberg
2015 – Kolkata Biennale, India; curated by Dr. Manas Roy
2015 – Public Presentation of works at the Akademie für Malerei, Berlin
2014 – Aviskar, Kolkata India

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