In Tsarskoye 2018

It was a long plain-air. One sunny day I decided to go in Tsarskoye and I painted this small pond.
Paper, tempera.
70*50 sm.

Boyarishnya 2020

A studying copy from painting “Boyarishnya” by Makovsky.
Special wood, oil.
50*70 sm.

Once in Saint-Petersburg 2019

Fast sketch from a stroll.
Paper, tempera.
24*17 sm.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Arina Fadeeva


I don’t know how and when I started to name myself “an artist”. Really. All my life I was a sportsman and why I began to draw I don’t know but I did it. I lived in a small town, I did my ordinary things and in one moment I decided to be a restorer; not a designer, not an economist, not a lawyer but a restorer. In 2017, I applied for training in presidential camp for “talented” child by program “The Art”. In this place I was fallen in love with painting. And in 2018 I’ll be enrolled in Saint-Petersburg Academy of Fine Art. It was very spontaneous decision. VERY. Now I’m studying and I’m trying to find my own way on this difficult ocean named Art in parallel.

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