The Echo Chamber 2020

I was asked by a close friend to provide artwork for her article, to be shared on the platform, AGORAx. The article is titled, "You're Trapped in your Echo Chamber!" written by Rhea Goh. The subject of the article are Echo Chambers.

"Echo chambers, in this context, are environments where an individual is exposed to beliefs or opinions that only reinforce ones they already hold, allowing their existing views to remain unchallenged". –

I learned that there can be an overwhelming responsibility to how you consume information. It can be an endless debate in this never-ending sea of information. The idea was to illustrate the "Echo Chamber" and also what is beyond that through the personification of the lip character. She has complete control over her beliefs and collects and compartmentalises information through her senses.

Beyond The Echo Chamber 2020

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Anusha Ramesh


Anusha Jean Ramesh is a professional graphic designer and illustrator from Penang, Malaysia.
She enrolled in art education throughout her international secondary schooling and received formal graphic design training from Schillington College of Graphic Design in Brisbane, Australia, earning a Certificate IV in Design in 2018.

She has been a practising professional since certification and has experience in commercial design projects.
Some of her work include illustrations for hospitality, retail packaging including collateral, murals for commercial space, social enterprise branding and book cover design.

She has a conceptual interest in representing narratives through visual means, taking stories and experiences to create domains and realities that speak to the narrative. She has working knowledge of techniques and processes to enable visualisation of ideas, concepts and experiences.

She particularly enjoys working with ink and considers hand drawn illustrations as one of her key str

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