This is Not Private 2015

This work explores the possibilities of empathy as a meta-language through the most powerful physical interface which is our face. The face is a part of ourselves which is not visible to us without the use of a mirror or an external tool (photography, video, etc.). Dedicated entirely to the "other", it becomes our window to the world and the world's window to ourselves.
My challenge with this work is inducing in the viewer a sort of 'identity displacement', which reminds the phenomenon of the empathy. The more the viewer empathises with the actor the more the faces merge into a new identity which is no more the actor's nor the viewer's but something new.

Grammar#1 2019

The work was one of the winners of Re:Humanism 2019.
Grammar#1​​ is an interactive installation that uses methods from scientific research such as data collection and experimental setting as aesthetic language. The viewers are engaged in a Turing test game in which they are prompt to answer the question: ​”what is human?”​. Their decision will create a visual dialogue between the human and the machine, informing at the same time both the scientific research and the artistic enquiry.

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Antonio Daniele

United Kingdom

Antonio Daniele is an Italian visual and media artist living and working in London, UK. He holds a MA with merit in Computational Arts from Goldsmiths, University of London and he is currently a PhD candidate in Media and Art Technology at Queen Mary University of London, investigating human expressivity through drawings and artificial intelligence.
Antonio experience cuts across art, commercial and academy, with almost 2 decades of experience in the international creative industry and the arts. He has worked in the digital industry as a director and motion graphic designer, for well known brands such as Nike, Samsung, Nokia among others. His personal works have been exhibited in important cultural institutions such as the XXI Triennale in Milan and at international film and art shows. His art practice explores the problem of human expression, with a focus on the interdependencies between technical and human, and the implications for the larger society.

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