Malibran in Love 2021

This work is in the process of being painted in place Fernand Cocq in Ixelles. So as to complete the budget to make it painted in 2021, I would be happy to win the prize and promote Coca Cola. The wall owner has already given his agreement for the work that celebrates the history of the spot and Malibran opera singer as well as her lover who used to live here.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Anthea Missy


Anthea Missy is a graffiti and street artist based in Brussels, Belgium. Her works can be found on walls across Europe and Asia.

Anthea usually paints cute characters with an Asian pop influence characterised by a youthful vibe. Her work conveys happiness and gravitates around love while tackling social and political topics.

From a visual perspective, she enjoys using a minimalistic colour palette and bold organic graphics. Her most powerful murals to date are of Ihsane Jarfi, a portrait of an LGTBQI victim and, Women Bike the City, a feminist work.

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