32 red lasers, arranged in specific positions, represent the vertices of a geometric composite figure.
The structure becomes the base of a variable system which communicates emotions and thoughts, combining sound and light.
“Non c’è Tempo!” (“There’s no Time!”) is a consideration about Time, a cyclical sequence of events with its own balance.
Man’s intervention and present society have led to excessive progress, speeding up processes without a precise goal. Natural balances are compromised, leading to the inevitable control loss.


2 red lasers and 12 mirrors installed on a 3m x 0,75m wood panel represent the graphic image of a heartbeat.
Each laser is imagined as the heartbeat of an individual with its own independent rythm. When two individuals meet, their heartbeats relate to each other till reaching a perfect synchronization of their rythm, completing the sound and image in one powerful whole


“The frenzied lives we all live make us dwell on the superfluous without feeling the need to go beyond. Society allows us to feel satisfied with what we see on the outside rather than focusing on the content. Appearance weighs more than essence”
EffimeroEffetto is a site-specific installation intentionally planned to be hosted in a narrow and restricted room, changing its perception and continuously mutating. Its very strong identity and value cease to exist after a single moment. The artwork is an invitation to meditate on the possibility of creating content starting from the abstract, defining physical and temporal spaces that once concluded they are turned into shadows in our memories.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.



Anonima/LUCI is a lighting design and light art studio based in Milan, founded in 2018 by Alberto Saggia, degree in Industrial Design with specialization in lighting, and Stefania Kalogeropoulos, an architect with a major in lighting and exhibition design.
They are united by a passion for an innovative kind of experimental research involving intertwining laser, sound and electric tensions, all with an engineer’s approach. The structuring effect of their cross-cutting projects is architectural/ephemeral, in which light alters one’s perception of space and draws flashing graphic elements with scenic impact, emotional grids in which technology becomes the space of aesthetics.
While carrying out research, they do not use pre-assembled apparatus, but rather circuits created here and now, each time adapted to new projects, including support structures designed in accordance with the context and in relation to space.

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