"Deep Water" 2021

Life is banal.
Life is simple.
Life is precious.
Memories ambush us, without detecting the context and with this we are for the most part alone. And this in turn means: to cope with yourself/oneself, but this succeeds not always. Pictures of memory consist for each of us of as very personal carthography of life, it’s an island hopping of feelings and imaginations. An associative patchwork quilt of sensory impressions, of voices, smells, patterns and colors.

Ink, tar, paper, oil on linen, sewn together and stretched onto a frame.

"Mittagsstunde" 2020

This question is my own drive to make art – which images are located in the intersection between the viewer and myself, which parallels and similarities permeate our collective memory?
What can be transformed into a visual language? Which one believed to be lost and be recovered can be transformed into art?

Ink, newspaper, oil on linen, casted in resin.

"News From The World" 2020

Are there connections between bacis images, the mythological, religious, philosophical similarities through different eras which shape our memory?
It’s not about how different we are, rather how similar we are as humans.
The things we we share are important. All our stories are differently, but we all experience the same emotions, we are all vulnerable to the same feelings and emotions.
Ink, tar, paper, oil on canvas.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Anne Herzbluth



Study Muthesiuskunsthochschule Kiel, Germany
Solo Shows:
2020 Heissingsart Berlin
2014 "As Far As I Could Get" Galeria Contrast Barcelona
2014 "All life still", Heissingsart, Lübeck2013
2013 Painting, Installation, Heissingsart, Lübeck
Group Shows:
2020 Art Karlsruhe
– „Squares“, CICA MUSEUM, Südkorea
2018- Art Karlsruhe
– „Artist Statement“, CICA MUSEUM, Südkorea
2017 Art Karlsruhe
– Realisme Amsterdam
2016 – Art Fair Köln
– Code Art Fair, Copenhagen
– SCOPE Basel
– Kunst RAI Amsterdam
– Realisme Art Fair, Amsterdam
2015 – Palazzo Mora Venedig
– Scope Basel
– "Pollux Capella" Zott Art Space, San Cassiano, Italy
– Realisme Art Fair, Amsterdam
2014 – Scope Basel, Schweiz
– Swab Barcelona
2013 – Venice Biennal – GAA Foundation – Palazzo Bembo
2012 – Kunsthalle Charlottenborg,Kopenhagen "The Spring Exhibition",
(Curators Kirstine Roepstorff & Thora Dolven Balke)

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