“Rise III” 2020

I understand the world, our life as a paradox, as the incompatibility of possibilities, arbitrary and relentless. It’s a distinct way of thinking, which relies on reflection and focusses on the paradox. A paradox is based on opposite, unresolvable contradictions. There’s no logical explanation possible, there’s a need for a different way of thinking, you have to think “outside the box”. To me it’s about new connections, new associations and combinations with as yet unfamiliar elements, or on the other hand the separation and distinction of elements that were connected before. There’s a need to celebrate life, to reconcile, fo find inner peace and to attempt to put up with oneself.

“Rise I” 2019

This piece lays its emphasis on the associative and the deconstructive, unfinished stories which are told neither linear nor unified within themselves, but fragmented to give the opportunity to read and discover its details again and again. To define that puzzle called life with new or own views and thoughts. It’s a a wall hanging, it’s about the rumour and complexity oft the world, snapshots of different places and cities in the daily media, where I intuitiv detected a meaning: Istanbul, Pjöng Jang, Dallas, Kigali, Kabul, Moscow, Warsaw, Brussels. Extracts from our daily reality, the unleashed present in its overwhelming sensations of our absurd, chaotic and raging life.

“Boy” 2019

Religion, morals, rituals and education – all these are value systems which should help to give us orientation. We are on an ongoing search for the missing puzzle piece of life, on a search for an answer.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Anne Herzbluth



What I am trying to do is to leave my mark behind. I am here, I fail, I am happy, I am sad. I have fears and am full of hope. I have an idea, I pursue it and that’s why I’m working. Ultimately, I am not interested in things I fully understand. Knowing one has happened upon the right things is more important than understanding them. There are truths that lie beneath the surface of the images, truths that only reveal themselves sporadically, like the Northern Lights in a winter sky. Things we don’t feel, we forget. Through my work I would like to create moments in time in which our imagination overlaps reality. These are the moments in which we are alive. Exhibtitons national and internationally, among others the Art Karlsruhe, Kunsthal Charlottenborg/Copenhagen and the Venice Bienal.

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