without lashes. 2017

This painting is a piece of a series from last year. In this series I tried to capture everyday movements in a moment which looks weird as a single image. I wanted the painting not to communicate directly with the viewer but function as a window. The viewer can look through this window and be part of an intimate situation which makes the painting honest and personal. Like this the viewer and I can evolve some special kind of communication – I can share myself with her/him without lashes.


Lili 1989. 2017

Two years ago I suffered a great loss. Later I laughed about it: I am like a cockroach, I’d survive anything. But this event made me remember: nothing is permanent. Anybody and anything can disappear from our lives all of a sudden. 
 The idea of death is the scariest thing for me. So I started to paint portraits of my dearest ones, imagining they were dead. This is Lili, she is one of my best friends for 15 years now, and I would be very sad if she would die.
The image captures our existence. If there is an image of you, you exist for sure. Even if the person dies, the images are forever, so somehow we can survive death with making images.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Anna Nemes


born in 1989, Budapest, Hungary lives and works in Budapest represented by Várfok Gallery Studied at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (2014-2008), then she degreed from the Science University of Pécs as an art therapist (2016-2014). She also studied at the Universitát Politécnica de Valencia in 2011 with Erasmus Scholarship. Had several international group and solo exhibitions, upcoming ones are in Istanbul (Gama Gallery- Body, spitit, revolt - group) and Warsaw (Apteka Sztúki - Solo). Interview of the latest solo exhibition (They are, Várfok Gallery, 2017) and her artistic method:

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