Anti-MFA 2019

Glazed stoneware sculpture

Anti-MFA 2020

Glazed stoneware sculpture

Soft pform 2018

Series of glazed ceramic tiles (8 pieces)
14x14x1cm average size

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anna grajek

United Kingdom

Anna Grajek was born in Poland, and moved to the UK when young. She initially trained as a dentist and this manual dexterity is useful to her art practice.
Her palette in ceramics tends to be pink and muted- alluding to flesh, fingers, humor and subversion. She thinks carefully about which pieces to destroy- the permanence of fired clay as a material carries with it a responsibility in terms of the environment and legacy of message.
Her paintings tend to be figurative, utilizing strong color and playing with sensationalism. Here she is interested in the personal past- how even we narrate our own fake old news.
She works in a non-linear approach- the frustrations of each medium are harnessed into the productive power of aversion- moving from sculpture to painting and writing in cycles, utilizing accelerations and dodging stagnations, driven mostly by a curiosity about process. She is interested in the place of the self-taught artist in an art world increasingly contained by theory.

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