culture exchange africa festival 2020

Africa festival in the art to promote differently culture of the world

sorrow of game 2020

life is not a game its a reality of what you came to earth and what you work,,

culture exchange for humanity and peace 2020

every culture is a bright future of our country and respect to oher country art ,,,

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anmol mathur


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ANMOL MATHUR was born and raised in RAIPUR (INDIA) and now resides in INDORE,INDIA. As a child, ANMOL found immense pleasure in painting and drawing. This recreative activity soon blossomed into a passionate hobby, as his interest in artistic interpretations and depictions grew.

Previously, ANMOL worked in the events industry and at other establishments that are work promotional activities of brands for their high reputation in the event industry. While working, he kept exploring different paint mediums and decided to finally turn his passion for art into a profession in 2012. Since that day, there has been no looking back.

Being an admirer of Mother Nature, ANMOL loves spending time outdoors. His Graphic paintings AND OIL paintings are inspired by outdoor ventures,

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