Between Lightness and darkness 2020


My interest and inspiration are based on exploring and researching patterns of nature and human. Matrix of life is engraved in our bodies, rivers and oceans, veins of plants, veins of animal bodies, layers of ice and soil, concentric circles of a drop or an earthquake, …When one understands the principles of life, we become to understand the principles of living. In my artistic research and work I am trying to present nature vs. human as a “passive” actions to make my public understand we do not own our life’s, in contrary we owe it to the planet.
My work was based on fine arts, transformed to spatial installations and performances, through the study of scenography. Therefore, I am interested to explore and present my work in different media and techniques.
Personally, I am soil and water therefore my work is based on exploration of woods, plants and water.

“We are all part of the same universal pattern, therefore a matrix of life.”


Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Anja Podreka


University of Ljubljana, Education Faculty, Slo
St.Mary's University, Belfast
Academy of arts, Hoogh school voor Kunst

-2014 »Stones«
"Primavera 2014", Admission to a group exhibition, Award for young artists, (Federation of Slovenian Fine Arts Societies) ZDSLU Maribor, Slovenia
-2015 »Layers of us«
»Young makers – Wij houden huis«, Asmission to group exhibiton, Het Huis Utrecht, NL
-2016 »Layers of us«
»Nature and art exhibition«, selected international group exhibition, MediaNox gallery Maribor, Slovenia

-2017 »Mapping memories: river Drau – Human«,
Walking performans, Island of Maribor, Slovenia
-2017 Residency at Zavod Kersnikova Ljubljana

Project »Circling«- BioArt project, solo project

-2018 14th International Biennial of Miniature Art, Beograd, Serbia Water paintings, group exhibition
– Walking project at river Krka and solo exhibiton »Layers of us«

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