Refrain 2019

A site-responsive project exploring behaviour and awareness in public spaces. Positioned within two common areas of an urban low-rise building, the work is first encountered through observation or interaction with a conspicuously positioned microphone in the foyer (not pictured). Sounds are picked up at the entrance to the stairwell. They are broadcast into the surrounding environment using a microFM transmitter. In a hallway on the top level of the building, battery powered radio receivers are attached to window panes. In this second space (pictured), the sounds of foyer are made audible in real-time.

Variable Frequencies 2019

In this work, cable sculptures act as antennas to broadcast sonic transmissions over a short-range radio network. Audio recordings are broadcast and distributed by the structures, then received by nearby portable radio receivers. Interference from the surrounding environment creates an unstable and shifting connection to the signal.

Relative Distance 2018

An audio-visual-material installation reflecting on disembodiment of self, space and place. First, an exterior webcam is connected to a TV positioned inside the gallery space. Sound from the live feed can be heard before video can be seen, which in itself, is framed with a distorted reflection of the surrounding room. Movement picked up by the webcam triggers synthetic sounds that augment the sounds of the built urban environment.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Angus Tarnawsky


Angus Tarnawsky (b. 1988, Launceston, Tasmania) is an Australian artist and musician. His work considers perceptions and perspectives of sound and space, existing in many hybrid forms across composition, performance, and installation. Recent exhibitions and presentations have been hosted by Pioneer Works, Fridman Gallery, Harvestworks, Wave Farm (New York), Het Nieuwe Instituut (Rotterdam/New York), RBMA (Toronto/Montreal), Luminato Festival, Roundtable, and Crutch Contemporary Art Centre (Toronto). He collaborates with a variety of artists to release records, organize events, and facilitate community engagement, often under the auspice of In Context Music, a curatorial project active since 2013.

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