Circulation 2016

mural at Kyiv’s secondary school #314

Circulation 2019

mural at artschool
Zaporizzhia, Ukraine

Circulation 2019

mural on water tower
Lutsk, Ukraine

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Andriy Kalkov


Andriy Kalkov was born in Lutsk, Ukraine, where he lives and works now. In 2012 he earned a degree in monumental painting of Lviv National Academy of Arts.
The last 10 years were dedicated to creation of series of works “The Circulation”. According to the artist:”The main symbol of this series is the spiral line – the eternal symbol of perception, one of the most popular worldwide ornamental decor through the centuries.” Kalkov decided to use this profundus symbol and rearrange it into new modern forms and, more precisely into art objects created in 8-bit and op-art styles.
Kalkov took part in many urban festivals and more than 30 collective exhibitions all over the world.
At this time he has shared more than 30 000 entities and “The Circulation” graphics has circularized into clothes patterns, accesories, album covers, sketchbooks and literature illustrations.

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