Intervals Street Art Festival, Nizhniy Novgorod 2019

Painting on the building of the Flour Mill’s abandoned elevator. I was inspired by the proximity of the river and the configuration of the space around the factory complex: the building stands at the foot
of the high bank of the Oka River in the historic center of Nizhny Novgorod, on the side above it’s a traffic intersection and a metro bridge.
I decided to emphasize the connection of the elevator with the river, and used an image of a fishing net taken from a photograph of the middle of the last century, and also made an audio-visual collabo- ration with the Dreamlaser team. During the festival, the painting was complemented by an animated projection using paint-mapping technology.
After the end of the festival, the projection team completed its work, but the mural remained on the elevator facade. The work, which has become the largest in Nizhny Novgorod, is clearly visible even from the other side of the Oka River or from a metro train passing over the river.

The Oscillation, Sevcabel Port, Saint-Petersburg 2018

This project was carried out in the port of St. Petersburg, where musical events meet nature, archi- tecture and people. The main idea of the work is to unite the vibrations of all these environments and show the interpenetration of waves and matter. Energy in this place vibrates within areas of space with constant beauty, be it the water of the bay, the walls of the port or organisms of living creatures. Music permeates hearts, and music beats hearts.
In the visual sense, I worked on this project spontaneously, without a sketch, keeping only a certain conceptual image in my head. This approach allows me to feel a place in close proximity and to give my intuition free rein. It took me three days and a little patience in general.

Canvas Bloom, Street Art Museum, Saint-Petersburg 2018

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Andrey Berger


Russian artist, representative of the “street wave” direction. In his work explores the multi-layered offline and online expressive forms, their superposition on each other, the place of the viewer and the artistin the modern world, aimed at global digitalization.
In his works Berger experiments with different expressive forms, his style is characterized by high elaboration of details at the junction of graffiti and abstraction. Graphics is the starting point of Andrey’s work, it is broadcast in many formats and expressive means.

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