Untitled 20. 2015

There is something so beautiful about being alone within a landscape, introverted and at peace with your mind, somehow, very little matters when you are surrounded by nothing in particular.

Introversion is an exploration of scale and ambiguity within a dark landscape devoid of landmarks and identity. A probe into spatial awareness, vagueness and keeping interpretation very much out in the open. The photographs are re-enacted and constructed landscapes to resemble no where or nothing of this earth.

The project is loosely based around and influenced by the Mars landscape that NASA released on finding evidence of historic traces of water on the red planet.


Untitled 1. 2016


Untitled 22. 2017

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Andrew Meredith

United Kingdom

London photographer, Andrew Meredith studied Photography at Falmouth College of Art graduating with a BA(hons) in 2002. His commercial and fine art practice focuses on the build environment, working regularly for world-renowned magazines and commercial brands. In 2013 he was one of the only photographers ever to be allowed full access to document the closed Japanese mining island of Hashima. His current personal projects include Hydra, an architectural documentation of underground Scandinavian Hydropower Plants and Introversion, a project based on re-enacted constructed Mars and Luna landscapes. In 2015 Andrew was awarded a gallery bursary to complete and produce the exhibition for Introversion, currently part of a permanent collection at the famous private members Blacks Club in London

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