“O3” 2020

The letter O in the title of this series and titles of works, symbolically, in its typographic form, represents the fascination with the circle, which is the only compositional solution of these works.It is an ongoing project, in which I explore harmonious composition made of dynamic shapes composed in a circular frame. All parts and segments of wall sculptures are of MDF and cut with jigsaw machine. Afterwards they are sandblasted, painted with spray paint and connect into final form. Pieces in this seria are the same size R100cm and limited on three shades of turquoise.

Ode to last days of summer 2019

Last days of summer pushed me out to regard sun with colors and enjoy warm weather.
spray paint on concrete, 3mx9m

Cisma VS Chenipe 2018

Collaboration with graffiti artist Cisma. Piece done in public park in downtown of city Cacak, Serbia. Festival of urban culture DUK.
Spraypaint and acrylic on concrete. 12m x 2.5m.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Andreja Krstić



Andreja Krstić alias Chenipe is a Serbian artist from Belgrade whose work expands on three different artistic medias: murals/graffiti, canvases and sculptures.
After his first experience with spray paint in elementary school, graffiti became his main preoccupation. In the abstract compositions he finds the freedom to focus strongly on the aesthetic value of the piece and to leave a possibility for it to evoke a personal reaction in each viewer. Chenipe relies on his imagination and intuition while creating shapes and colors. He enjoys crafting his pieces to be in a harmonious relation with the physical surroundings. You can recognize his pieces by the often soft and subtle low contrast colors, which are skillfully combined. His works are at the same time dynamic and harmonious. Chenipe constantly challenges himself by taking on new visual tasks, and has a dedication to detail and careful quality production.

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