Full Moon 2017

By placing flashes on pool floats on a lagoon and teaming up with professional kiteboarder Paula Novotna I was able to get this shot while the full moon was rising.

Sunset 2018

Kiteboarding World Champion, Carlos Mario rides during the sunset in Brazil

Colors 2019

Color gels and night kiteboarding

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Andre Magarao



My interest in photography began during a time I was also really into mountain biking. So I was mainly shooting landscapes. Since biking is a sport that teaches you the importance of waking up early, I’ve also learnt to appreciate the beauty of that early morning light.
Since I’ve always been into sports it was a natural step to start shooting my friends doing sports. I quickly noticed that shooting during “the golden hour” led to shots I liked more. But then I started shooting sports like skateboarding and it’s very hard to talk skateboarders into waking up at 5am to get that good light. That was when I started studying artificial light.
48 Covers, more than 600 published shots
1st prize winner in the 5th edition of Fine Art Photography Awards – Night Photography Category (april 2019)
2018 Umbra International Awards Main Category Winner Sports Category
Gold Medal at 2018 Brasilia Photo Show
2º place at 2018 Chromatic Awards
Honorable Mention at 2018 Chromatic Awards

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