Isolation 2021

A girl sitting in a dark, closed room experiences a keen sense of despair and hopelessness during a period of isolation. She has no face, this is not a specific person, but the image of many of us during the covid-2019 pandemic. The absence of a face is also conditioned by the fact that during forced isolation, deprived of communication with loved ones and outside the usual way of life, we lose part of ourselves, and sometimes we do not understand where reality is and where we are real. Everything changes, the world is rebuilt, and we acquire a new face, a new "I".

– oil on paper, 38*54 cm

Prayer 2021

A painting about concentration in prayer. I like the picturesqueness that I always strive to achieve in my work, and the state of concentration and some tension in a monk praying for this world.

-oil on paper, 38*27 cm

Morning 2021

The painting depicts a man sitting in the morning sun, He just woke up. Through warm colors and seated posture, I, as an artist, tried to convey the atmosphere of a relaxing weekend morning.

– oil on paper, 38*54 cm

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Anastasiya Krokhmal


Krokhmal Anastasiya (born in 1997) – contemporary artist. Lives and works in Moscow. The artist's paintings are aimed at exploring people and their inner world.

Artist Statement.
I paint in oils on paper and canvas. My art is a reflection of my inner state and vision. This is how I feel the world. My art style is close to expressionism: the characteristic features of my paintings are bold strokes, pure colors, strong contrasts and raw paper margins. With the help of of these techniques, I strive to share my energy with the viewer.
All my paintings reflect my interest in two components of art: internal (the state of people) and external (the color in my art). Therefore, I try to pay attention equally to both the semantic load of the painting and the technical part of it – in particular, color, color combinations and the psychology of color.
Art for me – a result of experiences and effects on everything that happens.

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