Anna 2019

Monochrome female figure drawing combinates with abstract flowers painting. It is maden on the paper with charcoal and oil, this not common combination of materials gives a special impression to the viewer. Black and white drawing turns into colorful picture. Realism and Abstract styles mix together begeting sence of Art Nouveau style.

Sofia 2020

Black and white drawing includes also really intense orange floral pattern that catch your attention, but you keep your look at the female figure and her face. On second look the viewer notices pink pfttern that covers her body. There is a buttle between color and shape of depicted, but humans look always wins. The drawing has some sense of Art Nouveau style, but in my modern interpretation.

Karen Alexander (Her look) 2017

This artwork shows a beautiful woman with a deep, powerful look that make you stare at her eyes. The backgroud is blurred to not distract you from her eyes. Charcoal and Graphite on Paper.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Anastasiia Olenchenko


Anastasiia Olenchenko is an artist living and working in Voronezh, Russia. Was born in 1995.
She began her artistic education at the age of 10, studying in the Art School many areas of art and painting in different techniques. Also she has Bachelor and Masters degree of Architecture. She has find her passion in creating portraits and abstractions. She depicts portraits of women, merging realism and fantasy. There is a mysterious, melancholic cast in her black and white portraits. They are centered upon an inscrutable, isolated female figure, often looking directly to a viewer. The experience of merging portraiture and abstraction led into more complex, interesting and challenging compositions, where black and white image of a woman and color are becoming one and create the unique style. Dark monochrome image suddenly turns into a colorful picture, mixing incompatible materials – charcoal and oil.

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