Wisdom 2019

This photo is part of my project. My project is thinking about the future. It is called “wisdom”, as well as the thoughts of the guys in the works.
I worked on this project in the summer of 2019. I want to say that they have all the questions, what they think about their country, how will they build the future? They wrote an essay.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Anastasia Egorova



Anastasia Egorova (b. 1998) is a photographer from St. Petersburg.

She is attracted to the stories of ordinary people , usually these people have a lot of honesty. It also works with personal themes.

— 2018−2019 Fotografika Academy of Documentary and Art Photography
Participated in workshops Oksana Yushko and Arthur Bondar

— «Future», Fotografika, 2019
— «One», Fotografika, 2019
— «The second festival of modern art First factory of the avant – garde», Ivanovo, 2019 

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