The Somersault 2019

“Сначала я прикладываюсь к бутылке, потом к сканеру. Жарит лицо и немного… – в духовке позади меня, кажется, испеклась картошка. Если закрыть глаза, то маленький прямоугольник стекла становится бесконечным полем, которое можно пробежать за пару секунд. Как хорошо, гуляй сколько хочешь, делай, что хочешь. Так хорошо! Надя уже зовет кушать.”

“I use a bottle to help me do it. Then I swilling to the scanner. It frying my face and a little my back… – in the oven behind me. it seems, potatoes were baked. If you close your eyes, the small rectangle of glass becomes an endless field. that can be runed in a few seconds. Its great, walk as you want, do what you want. So good! Nadia is calling to eat already.”

The Beast 2019

“Когда разрывает на части от внутренних страхов – то апатия, смерть, либо ярость, борьба. Над собой совершая усилие, кинь себя в омут – утонешь. Так лучше пусть так. А вдруг выйдешь – то не будет сильнее тебя. Заберись на высокие горы – коль сорвёшься, и чёрт с ним. Но если поднимешься – то познаешь себя, красоту прочувствуешь снова. Вылезай из-за рамок своих, если ты в тупике. И не будет из них ни один тупиком.”

“I am tearing apart from internal fears. It is apathy, death or rage, struggle. You must make an effort on yourself. If you throw yourself in a whirlpool, then you will drown. So it should be. But if you go out, it will not be stronger than you. You can climb the high mountains. If you tear, i’m sorry. But if you get up, you will know yourself. then you can feel the beauty again. You must lower your limits if you are at a dead end. Then all the dead ends will not be so.”

“AU” 2019

“Бревно, отвергнутое плотником.”

“I am like a log that a carpenter rejected.”

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Anastacia Chunina


Very nice to meet you! We are Anastasia from the capital of Russia and Nadezhda from a small city in Crimea with the most ancient history. We are working together as artist and designer. One week after we met we moved in together to a small art studio with a river Neva view in the Northern capital Saint Petersburg. We are the authors of articles that have triumphed at international scientific conferences. We are also winners of All-Russian and international art competitions, festivals, exhibitions. In addition to the commercial projects and professional development, we travel a lot and come up with projects for pleasure. We have the honor to submit our project to your competition. Thank you for this opportunity!

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