Sensitive Water Mapping #19 2019

My approach in this work requires a perception of space that engages both body (walking), mind (by the memory of the places visited) and senses (noises, odors ..).
Successfully transcribe feelings and memories by inventing new spaces closest to the sensations felt by using the mapping code.
I ‘m particularly interested in this work, by the emotional experience of space. I want to Materialize my feelings, my soul graphics statements.
Graphics, lines, paths of ambulatory work, tracks which shows no real places, but only a mapping of the felt.
These cards constitute carvings, isolations, allocations to specifc qualities of territory, atmospheres…
Mapping as a memory of the place.
It would be a graphic principle related to the idea of travel and the idea of journeying escape.A pro- jection of the lived experienced through the codes of perceived space.
Like building on maps the memories of the senses.
Loose some data, store others, to look at why keep things or forget others.

Unfolding Memories #4 2019

A map to better unders- tand its vision, to keep track of an experience felt.
Finally still the same eternal question, on how to live in this world?
This is the continuity of my work started on the concept of space, loss of scale, sometimes the contraction of space and time.
Landscapes constructed in layers, paths that leave marks, footprints, related memories, micro-orga- nisms, distant visions, the scale does not matter; always starting from water.
Landscapes constructed in layers, always starting from the water.
The scale does not matter.
These are roads that leave marks, footprints, related memories, microorganisms, distant visions…

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Amélie Ducommun


Amélie Ducommun is a French-Swiss artist born in 1983 graduate from « Les Arts Décoratifs » Paris (ENSAD) and the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona.
At 36 she has already achieved more than 100 exhibitions all over the world (France, Spain, USA, China, Italy, Switzerland, UAE, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Portugal…) and participated in various
art fairs (Art Miami, FIAC,Art Central Hong-Kong,Art Elysée,Art Madrid,Art Stage Jakarta, Estampa…) and biennial (Beijing, Dakar…).
In 2009 Amelie passes the competition of the « Académie des beaux arts » to represent the French painting in Spain for two years at the «Casa de Velázquez »; she realized and exhibited in numerous shows and galleries her works on « Paysages en mouve- ments » and « Paysages Furtivos ».
Following these two years in Spain she was invited by the Miro Foundation in Majorca to produce works that interact with the landscape of the island in the Summer Studio of Joan Miro.

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