breath moves dancing with Francis Bacon 2014

Developed thanks to a four week long residency in Dance Ireland/Dance House, Dublin, Ireland. The process of creation investigated 'layering' 'non-narrative' 'presence' 'breath'. In developing a processual dramaturgical choreography it dialogues with Francis Bacon concepts of narrative and event.
The body of Ambra works its way into a layering that brings form into manifestation. Starting from the breath that moves.
The work has been shown at the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery in Dublin, Ireland performed in the area dedicated permanently to Francis Bacon and at the Metamorphosis Exhibition of Francis Bacon paintings at Palazzo Cavour, Turin, Italy.
It has toured to Italy, Ireland, Scotland.

My Hypocondria Makes Me Fear War 2016

Developed thanks to the winning of the Create Ireland Award Artist in the Community Award. The piece presents the consequences of the exposure to overwhelming shock and awe images of war, migrating bodies. Our retina captures such shock and awe and transmits it to the nervous systems that jars, spasms, glitches resulting in a general numbness and hypochondria. The resolve is not anywhere but softness can be found in a ceremony.

The performance has toured to: Italy, Ireland and Japan

ROSE and STONE 2020

Developed in 2020 and showed in its site specific version at the prestigious festival of Acqui Termi in Italy for Dance. For the XXXVII edition of Acqui In Palcoscenico Be In Side it has been performed at the Chiostro.

Rose and Stone is a piece developed through the collaboration with living poet Paolo Fichera. The collaboration see Ambra and Paolo develop a creative investigative system of writing and dancing that led to this performance and a book (in publishing process). In this, the two artists met, creating a new aesthetic paradigm through collaborative writing.
They started from their knowledge and from Ambra's improvisation dance on Paolo's poems. This modus operandi led them to form the creation of a text entitled Notation, and a performance that can show new forms on stage. The leitmotif of the work: the vision between earth and celestial, iconic and archetypal figures such as the Magdalene and Christ, the Feminine and the Masculine, cosmologies and archetypes.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Ambra Bergamasco


I was born in a well renowned theatre artistic family Ulla Alasjarvi (Findland) and Beppe Bergamasco (Italy) in Turin, Italy in 1975. The theatre company C.S.D. Compagnia Sperimentale Drammatica was founded in 1976 and prior to that they where known as Mobile Artist’s Foundation. From 2000 to 2019 we had our own theatre called Teatro Espace. A contemporary performing and art space in Torino an important venue. I have a BA and HDip in Cultural Anthropology. I have worked as an art dancer and choreographer since 2002. worked with Mallika Sarabhai in India, contemporary dancers in Italy and Ireland and Japan. I won prices and residency periods in Italy Performing Landscapes Mirabilia Festival and Dance Ireland Dance House and the Tenjinyama Studio Sapporo Hokkaido Japan. I have worked as dancer choreographer since 2002. Currently I am also an associate artist with Balletto Teatro di Torino Contemporary Dance Company.

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