Sacro 2019

It all started in Évora. In fact, it started in childhood, because that's where it all starts. Cross and prayers filled the symbolic in the inner city, and the chants in lesser harmony in a circular church, presented the senses. Until a Scrutiny pointed the way. I climbed on the cross. There, I understood the man with the crown of thorns. The poison has become an antidote, there are mysteries embedded in the wood. I began to scrutinize myself, unnoticed, in the silence. The winding paths led me to Évora, where echoes of ancient sounds insist on repeating themselves. I saw in the windows, in the alleys, under the stones, in the gaps in the bars, traces of myself. Remnants of the chests of the unconscious that reveal secrets of the ancient peoples, who remain there whispering there. The dusty memory recalls: to awaken the living, it is necessary to cross times, and raise the dead.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Amanda Gonsales de Araujo


Graduated in Popular Music (Voice/Singing) and Master in Performing Arts
(Dance) at Unicamp (Brazil). She completed an exchange programme during
her undergraduate degree at the University of Évora in Portugal. Focusing on
the relationship between voice and movement, Amanda Gonsales had contact
with several professionals in the areas of music, dance and theater, among
them Linda Wise (Roy Hart Theater), Yael Karavan (Karavan Ensemble),
Francesca Della Monica (John Cage), Tadashi Endo (Butoh Center – MAMU)
and Naomi Silman (LUME). Exploring this place-between – voice, movement,
word and action – an expressive identity that broadens the territories, the arts
and the self is sought. In 2019, she released her first EP entitled “Sacro”
available on all digital platforms.

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