Micro Loop Macro Cycle 2018

“Micro Loop Macro Cycle” is a series of installation, performance, video, and digital release that invite us to consider our interdependency with water, technology, and the environment.
The project begin with a generative/interactive installation created using transitional states of water, spacial soundscape, and sonic feedback loop. As an environmental cycle system that mirror the dynamic states of present time-space, as well as an instrument of self reflection and embodiment. The installation ends with collected water melt from the ice – that carries the “memory” of this particular event, is then re-frozen with the hydrophone inside, as the starting point of the performance, concert and digital release. Using similar approaches, both physical and digital archive from the past are transported and translated into other cycle systems, ranging from river, swimming pool, indoor venue, to digital-virtual realm. As a direct experience leading towards the wholeness, and becoming one within.

Hear the World Begin 2017

“Hear The World Begin” is an interactive audiovisual installation that invites people to enter the energy state of the Universe 13 billion years ago. The project is based on studies of cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB)– the snapshot of the oldest light in our Universe just after the Big Bang, representing the seeds of the whole future structure: the stars and galaxies of today.

The installation brings this oldest map of the universe and scientific data into a tangible art forms. It aims to engage a comprehension and interaction that lies beyond objective reality, and instigates intimate experience and personal projection of time and space. In a choreography of data sonicfication & visualisation, spatial acoustic-lighting, and site-specific sensors for real time interaction. Presented with the state-to-the-art spatial sound technology- 4DSOUND system. And awarded as honorary mention by Ars Electronica & European Space Agency.

On the Search of the Blurred Borderline Between Being & Believing 2018

The performance is based on an artificial “environmental cycle system”, which transport and recreate the natural experience of air flow, wind-sound into a gallery set up. It investigates the relationships between the natural state of beings and the intellectual understanding of a systematic environment.

Three ventilators mounted with speaker behind the blades blow wind to the “canvas of fallen plant”, creating micro sonic events captured by microphones on it. The amplified sound waves carried by the air flow from the ventilator is then reached back to the canvas from where it has begin. As the plant and wind listening to itself through cycling the space, a high sensitivity sonic feedback loop system is created, which reveals the interconnection among people, matter, and movement at the present time-space. The performers’ states cycled from– believing nature to being un-nature/believing un-nature to being nature/being nature to believing un-nature/being un-nature to believing nature.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Aloïs Yang



Aloïs Yang is a media artist, performer and experimental musician. His work is influenced both by scientific reference and human imperfection of understanding the nature, and investigates the perception of time and space on both “outer” physical world and “inner” metaphysical levels of awareness – as a manifestation of how we contextualise the overlapping realities in between body and mind, objective explanation and subjective projection, analogue and digital, certainty and unknown.

He aims to engage viewer’s sensation and comprehension to the given moment of reality, portrayed by experiential phenomena and existential ideas – as an invitation to an incomplete journey waiting to be explored by active, participatory, intimate interactions that incorporate individual’s consciousness as the piece itself.

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